Intersectionality And Peacemaking: Is There A Way Forward?

I just thought I would conclude my short series on “Intersectionality and Peacemaking” for the New Pacifism Synchroblog.  The notion of Intersectionality comes from black feminism and womanism, and is used to describe how social injustices such as race, class, and sex are mostly? interconnected.  Probably one of the best definitions of womanism came Trudy on twitter [warning: profanity], but eseentially, “it’s Frell you, Becky, I’m tired.” Of course to understand this kind of discourse, one would have to be well aware of class and race differences when it comes to the expectations of women: see for example,: Ain’t I A Working Woman: Race and Which Women Can’t Have It All.

Elijah speaking truth to power to Queen Jezebel and King Ahab. At Namoth’s vineyard.

Some of the things that have began to disturb me, things like Facebook and Twitter inviting me to follow the online magazine Jezebel, a so called “progressive” feminist outlet that is dedicate to things like oh celebrity worship and anti-black antagonism. So, I tweeted this, any group of people silly enough to call themselves Jezebels, set themselves up for:


I’m really tempted to start a site called Namoth and just fact checks racism. Things like, in response to this….well……innocent sounding tweet by “NON-PARTISAN” First Things magazine:

My reply:


I keep forgetting how unpopular Precious Puritans was. I would like to move forward with making this “Intersectionality and Peacemaking” more than just a series. I just don’t know exactly what yet.

Here’s my series:

Intersectionality and Peacemaking: An Introduction

Intersectionality and Peacemaking: Race and Naming White Supremacy

Intersectionality and Peacemaking: Gender and Naming Rape Culture

Intersectionality and Peacemaking: Class and Naming Neocolonial Empire

Dianna Anderson’s thoughts:

Intersectionality and Peacemaking: Problematizing Modern Christian Pacifism

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