Intersectionality And Peacemaking: An Introduction #TheNewPacifism

For my part in this synchroblog for #TheNewPacifism, I wish to explore how womanist understandings of three interlocking forms of oppression, racism, sexism, and classism could benefit persons who identify either as pacifist or nonviolent Christians.  I think one of the purposes of the synchroblog as a theological exercise, is not just to make this about the recent bruahaha over Mark Driscoll, or to address concerns about the recent NYT article about John Howard Yoder (which I do plan to in a separate series), but to address people’s concerns for pacifist arguments as they stand now.  While I do consider myself a participant in peace theology traditions, I think its problematic with the contention that any tradition, let alone the pacifism passed down from the Early Church, does not need to be held under any form of scrutiny.  If anything, Peace theologies should be open to change and be ever cognizant of its pitfalls.  To that effect, here is a general outline (that could change) of forthcoming posts for this #TheNewPacifism synchroblog:

1. Intersectionality and Peacemaking: Race & Naming White Supremacy

2. Intersectionality and Peacemaking: Gender & Naming Rape Culture

3. Intersectionality and Peacemaking: Class & Naming Neocolonial Empire

4. The GiF’t of Theology: A GIF post on Manliness, Pansies, and Pacifism

5. Pacifist Rim: Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim & Nonviolence (one of a few forthcoming posts on that movie/fandom)

6. Clement of Alexandria, Nonviolent Theology, and Dismantling Ableism