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Sho Baraka’s “Jim Crow”

On The Rage Of Notre Dame Women by Elizabeth of Women In Theology *NO SPOILERS or QUOTES* I will say this is a must read, and reflects the best of what liberating pedagogy has to offer. Plus, the oppressive events described at the end of the post, I can definitely say, as I tweeted, mortified me. TRIGGER WARNING FOR HAZING AND HARASSMENT

Tools For Talking about Privilege by Christena Cleveland: “Privilege is a difficult topic to work through! I’m often asked for interactive activities and approaches that help facilitate conversations on racial/class/gender privilege with young adults and adults. Here are some that I’ve found to be helpful”

Emergence Christianity, Women, and the Fall of Christendom by Julia Clawson: “The truth is, not all Christian families had the luxury of living such a white middle-class, middle-America lifestyle. Even ignoring the patterns of faith outside the Western world, it is only a small demographic of people who ever had a mother at home teaching the children the church year as she cooked their supper. To hold such up as a goal for contemporary Christians to return to privileges white, middle-class, liturgical faith as the only true or acceptable way to be a faithful Christian”

The Unbearable Invisibility of White Masculinity Innocence in the Age of White Male Mass Shootings: by David J. Leonard: “The “it’s suppose to happen” in inner-city communities reframe is not surprising. Places like Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown exist because of the fear-industrial complex. The white middle-class flocked from cities into the suburbs and rural communities partially due to fear of black and Latino youth, integrated schools, and urban crime. The continuously deployed the narrative of “it’s not suppose to happen in Newtown” and their neighborhoods mirroring “American family’s dream” embodies this entrenched belief.”

The NRA’s Dangerous Theology by Jim Wallis

“Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, said this as his response to the massacre of children at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, Conn.: “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

That statement is at the heart of the problem of gun violence in America today — not just because it is factually flawed, which of course it is, but also because it is morally mistaken, theologically dangerous, and religiously repugnant.

The world is not full of good and bad people; that is not what our scriptures teach us. We are, as human beings, both good and bad. This is not only true of humanity as a whole, but we as individuals have both good and bad in us.”

The Present State Of Christian Social Ethics by James McCarty III: ““To make plowshares out of swords” – this, it seems to me, is the heart of Christian social ethics, and it is a goal worth pursuing. The temptation to turn swords into Christian (?) swords or to leave the swords to do their violent work, rather than to transform swords into plowshares, is everpresent in Christian ethics”

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