Intelligent People Blogging Intelligently This Week

TDKR + Ramona Flowers

Here are some posts that made me think this week, take and read!:

Martin Luther King Jr. On Human Solidarity and an Inescapable Network of Mutuality and the Dangers of Uninterrogated Whiteness by Cynthia R. Nielsen

Mark Driscoll Versus Everyone: Stifling Monstrosity by Toy Adams

Concerns With Women In Combat by Brian LePort

Moltmann’s Theological Genealogy and Use of Jewish Thought by Kevin

I Don’t Want To Be Just As I Am by Amanda Mac (I think she meant this post for Baptist, since we can play “Just As I Am” 50 times after the sermon and expect someone to come to the altar automatically)

Dr. King and Catholic Social Teaching by Robert Christian

Scriptural Reasoning: Reflection on a night of Interfaith Dialogue by Krista Dalton

Transformers: Immigrants In Disguise? by James Daily

The Cornel West We Forgot When We Met President Obama by Billy Honor

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