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 Intelligent People Blogging Intelligently is a weekly to bi-weekly feature at PJ giving link love in the name of Truth, Justice, and the Jesus Way!

Drew I. G. Hart: The Didache: Anabaptism and Black Theology?

Daniel Aguilar: Genealogy of A White American Jesus: From Slave Master To Billy Graham

Kyle Cantey: Liberated Space: The Black Church In Philadelphia

Fred Clark: Can you be an atheist without being an Ayn Rand Objectivist?

Dianna E. Anderson: Quick Thoughts: What You Protest Is What You Value

Pete Enns: is Pete Enns a Marcionite?

Elyse A. Minson: Rethinking Biblical Literalism for Our Own Well-Being

Susana M. Morris (Crunkadelic): Dear Gabby

Amna Iqbal: After Abuse: The Noise of the Unsaid

Abram K-J: A Six-Year old’s Quick Take on Angels

C.J. Rhodes, MDiv: Wise Men From the East: What We Should Learn from the Eastern Orthodox Church

Samantha Field: throwing feminism under the bus

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“God forgive us for only being grateful for and blessed by the fellowship of those in our same theological tribe rather than all those who have been crucified and raised with Christ and who wait with us for his return.”- Matt Emerson, professor, author of Christ And The New Creation, and blogger at Secundum Scripturas.

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