KJV Onlyism as Imperialist?

I have said it myself several times, but I think this post puts it in better words, well, actually, the KJVOnlyists actually said it:

Imperialist Influence on the Rise of KJV Onlyism? « King James Only?.

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  1. irishanglican

    I too read the article, but I would not use the word “Imperialist” myself. British-Israelism comes closer perhaps. The KJV has had it’s long run and beauty, and we should not let any “onlyism” deface its use and providence.

  2. mike

    interesting stuff. i suspect KJV-onlyism is much more complicated. there are probably some helpful sociological models, such as the clash of generations in a culture, the fear of rapid change by older generations, the erosion of a religion’s prominence in a culture and how long-time adherents sort of “cement” certain symbols in their grasping for stability, etc. etc. i wish the writer had something more recent than 1930, as well as more than one example. i’m not sure KJV-onlyists in 2010 have the view they do for any of the same reasons. in fact, i would thing the reasons are far more closer to the sociological ones i’ve suggested above.

  3. irishanglican


    I would agree, almost everything is pressed by societal needs and pressures today. Especially with the 18 to 30 (give or take) generation. I am myself well outside of that! lol For mine, the baby-boomers we were mostly driven by idealism. And as Anglo-Irish myself the KJV is still a thing of beauty for us!

  4. Erik

    Hey everyone. As the author of the article, I would agree. British-Israelism – which is itself an extension of late Western Roman and Holy Roman imperialism – is probably a better label.


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