I Joined #NaNOWrimo This Year: As a #NaNoRebel for Church History!

In case you hadn’t noticed a new logo on the side bar of this site, I have decided to do National Novel Writing Month this year, as NaNoRebel of course in Political Jesus fashion. National Novel Writing Month is a group of people dedicated to writing a fiction novel of 50,000 words or more for the month of November.

Taking a break from being a pop culturalist, I wanted to get back to my first love, Church History, and try do a possible book accessible for laypersons, but at the same time, challenge the way church history is being done. Right now, I am challenging the idea that church history starts with the Jewish and Christian split in the first century, as if Gentiles and Jews don’t have a back-story or context.

I promise to keep you all updated.

What would you look for in a church history book?

2 thoughts on “I Joined #NaNOWrimo This Year: As a #NaNoRebel for Church History!

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