How to Bless Joel Watts on his Birthday Today

On this blessed day in history, Charles Curtis of Kansas became the first First Nations Senator from Kansas (1907),  Duke Ellington played at Carnegie Hall for the first time (1943), President Richard Milhous Nixon declared peace in Vietnam (1973), Madeline Albright became the very first woman Secretary of State (1997), and theologian Alister E. McGrath was born (1953). But perhaps the most celebrated person who was born this day was our very own Joel Watts.

Now, you are probably wanting to know how you could help celebrate the life of such a great man.

If you do not blog, I would would suggest you could bless Joel on his birthday by visiting his blog, and even perhaps finding something on his Amazon wishlist that you may want to purchase for him. By visiting his blog, you put him one step closer to becoming the #1 blog in the Biblioblog Top 50.
Visit Joel’s blog here.

Now, if you are a blogger, who happens to blog on the bible, the way you can help Joel reach the top is by adding him to you blogrolls (as if you already hadn’t!!!), and vote for Joel Watt’s Unsettled Christianity blog to be Number ONE! How? Go to Daniel’s blog for information, but what you do is basically you take the ten blogs you believe are the best biblioblogs on the interwebz, and you e-mail them to: bibliobloggerstop10 @ yahoo . com

And that’s all you have to do to make Joel have a great day.

It’s your birth moment! 🙂

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