Here's An Idea: Christians Should Take Loyalty Tests

No, I am dead serious.

Last week, at the GOP debate, Newt Gingrich recommended that anyone of Muslim faith, who would apply to be a part of his administration would have to take a loyalty test or oath. Newt is right, there is a group of people that the American government should be afraid of being disloyal, but I hardly doubt those of the Islamic religion should be targetted.


No, it should be the Christians, because Christians, when they accept Christ, pledge loyalty to the Kingdom of God, a community entirely different from the United States, with a different set of values and a different God that we worship.

It is just assumed blindly that Christians should be patriotic and good citizens.

But the apostle Paul says our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20).

It’s Christians who need to be given loyalty oaths and tests, not Muslims.

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0 thoughts on “Here's An Idea: Christians Should Take Loyalty Tests

      1. KenLeonard

        That was my botched joke.

        I was going for the fact that he’s a Christian and a Palestinian. Thus, not an American.

        In fact, I agree with your point. Our first loyalty should be to the Church of Jesus, which means that I’m not willing to pledge undying allegiance to the US. Sometimes, the two might come into conflict. I’m not willing to swear conflicting oaths.

  1. Tusk

    Didn’t Jesus say to not swear oaths under any circumstances in anyone’s or anything’s? To simply let yes be yes and no be no?

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      Yes he does. thus further highlighting the irony of my point. Should “Christian” politicians like Newt Gingrich even consider forcing others to take oaths when Christ rejects them?

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