Grimm: Of Mouse and Man

“I am impelled not to squeak like a grateful and frightened mouse but to roar….”

Juliette to Nick, “At least I know who you are.”

Well,  at first this episode fit the profile of the past seven episodes. Oh, btw, **SPOILER ALERT**  Someone gets murdered. The body gets dumped. Nick and Hank meet up with Sergeant Wu to examine the gruesome details of tonight’s mystery creature. Even Nick Burkhart takes a nonchalant attitude to this case, “Sounds like your basic bully.”

Then, all of a sudden, things started to get dark.  First, a person of interest, Marty Burgess claims that Natalie and her boyfriend (the victim we see in the first scene) Leonard Drake were having an argument, that Mr. Drake was a “terrible man” and “had a difficult life to turn out so mean.”  The second person of interest is a lawyer, Mason Snyder heavily involved in the lives of Natalie and Leonard.  Meanwhile, there were a couple of suspicious stalkers spying on Juliette.

Nick visits Monroe, who identifies Mason as a Lausenslange, or an evil snake dude, and Marty as a harmless Maushertz, or mouse guy. Grimm, unfortunately, has no files on a Maushertz because they really keep to themselves (except for their whole cartoon scam they got going). While they were talking, Eddie gets a phone call, a gig to fix a watch in Boston. Monroe is really excited, and has to leave Nick on his own for this case.

Later in the show, we see that a gang of big bad creatures gang up on Monroe for what the audience is left to assume, retaliation for aiding and abetting a Grimm) Monroe is beaten to a bloody pulp, and on his car, it is vandalized with his own blood, with a mysterious symbol- the Reaper that we saw in vaguely mentioned in the first three episodes or so.

Back in Portland, Grimm and Hank are closing in on Marty and Snyder as the primary suspects for Leonard’s murder. Marty warns Snyder to stay away from Natalie (Marty obviously has a crush on her), to which Mason responds, “You will never be anymore than what you already are. A little rodent with a little rodent’s life.”  Marty sees visions of his dad talking down to him and ends up kills Mason.

Marty and Natalie have dinner together, and Marty tells her of his plans to move, “We make our own truth. Don’t let anybody ever tell you what you can’t do.” Of course, Nick and Hank have caught on by now that their man is Marty, and get him in the end.

This episode had more story arc than the previous seven combined, and has given me a glimmer of hope. The final scene, Nick visits Eddie at his home.  Nick sees Monroe, bruised and battered, “Whew. What happened to you?” Monroe, “Funny you should ask. You happened to me.”

Monroe,”You start messing with the status quo, there are gonna be some people who are not necessarily sanguine about that.” Nick offers to not receive any more of Eddie’s help, and Monroe, in his own fashion “I’ve never been a status quo kinda guy.”

I’m glad to see the Reapers are back in the picture. I think we are just getting started folks.


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3 thoughts on “Grimm: Of Mouse and Man

  1. Craig

    I thought this was one of the better episodes. I was bummed that Monroe didn’t have a larger part in the episode. I still want to know what larger part the captain plays in all of this. And, I wish they would develop Nick a bit more. He’s kind of a boring character.

    1. RodtRDH Post author

      I hope Nick dies, so then its just all Hank and Monroe baby!

      I think Eddie being the victim was a large part of the story. The Reapers are back. Just how, that’s the question.

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