Glenn Beck And David Barton: Both Promoting the Lies of the #FoundersBible

Tonight, a sudden flood of lurkers and trolls amassed onto the universe of Political Jesus. Some offered me career advice about stepping up to the plate and leading. Others had to let me know I was on the losing side, and that the majority of Americans are against. These were actually very comforting words, really. They just do not get that I do NOT in any way what so ever care about anyone else’s opinions about me. In fact, here’s my own list of people’s who’s opinions I care about: My very own list of peoples’ opinions I care about. There is that, and me slandering David Barton without any basis or facts.


Without any basis or facts? That sounds like David Barton’s own propaganda! I just don’t understand why anyone would pay $60 for toilet paper anyhow. Apparently, Barton, professional charlaton along with his fellow con con-man Beck, was on Beck’s The Blaze tonight, with Barton going on about fasting and the Founders and how Christian they were, even Thomas Jefferson ( who denied the Trinity, inspiration of the Gospels, and the divinity of Christ, but hey, NO BIGGY, right?). Whenever Glenn Beck endorses a book, the numbers on Amazon always go up, and no doubt, searches for Barton’s $60 hardback toiletry lead to Political Jesus. Thus, the trolls. Unlike other theology bloggers, I am glad to have lurkers and commenters who disagree. Professional historians who rely on the facts and who do not twist the Founders’ words or works like Warren Throckmorton [linked here] have issued rebuttal after rebuttal to Barton, and all Barton can do is scream, “liberal” at even conservative historians who are rejecting his “work.” Conservative evangelicals are rejecting Barton’s work right and right. 😉 It was conservative evangelicals who were going to boycott Thomas Nelson before Thomas Nelson, a conservative Christian publisher, also wisely decided to drop Barton’s lies about Thomas Jefferson.

Not only is the Founders’ Bible worse than the Patriots’ Bible, but also Barton, Beck and other propagandists continue to whitewash U.S. American history which is essentially endorsing oppression of fellow human beings as well as fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.

5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck And David Barton: Both Promoting the Lies of the #FoundersBible

  1. David

    History gets in the way of revisionism. Serious props to the pastors that got Barton’s book pulled hopefully the rest of his will get pulled as well

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