Glen Stassen has passed away


Image from Consistent Life circa 2010

It’s with a heavy heart that I share what I learned via a friend’s facebook post.  Glen Stassen, Baptist  ethicist and scholar went to be with our LORD on Saturday. It was in 2008, at the Joint Meeting of the Society of Pentecostal Scholars and Wesleyan Theological Society on Duke University’s campus that I first met Glen.  We met in between sessions, late in the afternoon, and we talked about my interest in peacemaking, and possibly doing a PhD in the future.  It was a pleasant chat.  The second time I was able to meet Dr. Stassen was at the 2009 National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion. Stassen, as I reported back then, said that I had a good grasp of the theology of his friend, the late Stanley Grenz. We were also able to talk about the theology of the Cross in John Howard Yoder’s work.

I am grateful for the Christian witness of Staussen and was blessed to have met him.

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Stassen’s author’s page on, with selected titles.

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