Fridays with Fanon

Last week, I announced the start for Fridays With Fanon /Foucault.

This week, I will start with a quote from Frantz Fanon, in his Wretched of the Earth and my favorite quote from that work.

“The colonized subject also manages to lose sight of the colonist through religion. Fatalism relieves the oppressor of all responsibility since the cause of wrong-doing, poverty, and the inevitable can be attributed to God.  The individual thus accepts the devastation decreed by God, grovels in front of the colonist, bows to the hand of fate, and mentally readjusts to acquire the serenity of stone.”(WOTE, page 18)

When one gives a determinist god credit for all human circumstances, even the evil in the world, those that are suffering from oppression, once they believe the myth of fatalism, resort to despair and hopelessness. The almighty, by default, is on the side of the oppressor.

Truth and Peace,

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  1. Brandon

    Great quote. I remember getting rid of WOTE right after undergrad when I started following Jesus. I definitely didn’t grasp then the compatibility of my “secular” revolutionary influences with Christianity. I appreciate you bringing it back for me in a Christian context. Looking forward to more FwF.

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