Fridays: With Frantz Fanon and Michel Foucault

During the Fall, I had been contemplating working with Frantz Fanon, and what his insights may mean constructively for the Christian religion. The past several weeks, I have also decided that since I am taking a course on his work, that I should add Michel Foucault as well. So, I will try my best to post on either Fanon or Foucault every or every other Friday interchangeably.

Even though according to a few Christians, we should try be very afraid of both Fanon and Foucault. I am sure I will not be taking their advice.

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  1. Antony solomon

    I think Fanon’s WotE was brilliant. He managed to avoid simplistic manichaean explanations, showing the gradations and nuances of complicity with colonialism, and post-colonialism in the different constituencies. And he didn’t argue with the White boys, he just said, this isn’t your show now. I esp liked the way he brought in mental health issues, since in the UK black people have the highest inccidence of mh problems.
    Sartre’s preface was good too, since that kind of humanist racism is still around today.

  2. icr

    Maybe indigenous Europeans and Euro-Americans (non-elites/non-SWPL’s aka the white masses) should consider adopting Fanon’s perspective given that they are being subjected (collectively-just as in Fanon’s time individuals may prefer assimilation to the the dominant order) to colonization, population replacement, dispossession, ethnic cleansing or whatever you choose to call it. Really should have nothing to do with ethnic hatred since the architects of this policy are the secularized Christian and Jewish ruling elites who have constructed a crypto-Calvinist ideology based on PC, Mullticult, Diversity and Feminism.

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