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Goooooooood morning everypony! I know that January really wasn’t all that busy here on PJ because I had been working and preparing for this month, and a few blogging events for February I’d like to refer to as Freedom February. With Black History Month, President Days’ and birthdays, and Constitution Day (Mexico) ahead for us, I thought I would various discussions on freedom and justice would be in order (from a theological standpoint.


1.Your Fave Theologian Is Problematic is a blog series inspired by the tumblr meme which had various criticisms of people’s favorite celebrities. I think part of justice criticisms is a resistance to idolatry, and I believe that many theologians have been considered part of some Holier Than Thou Status. Towards this end, I am inviting anyone from ANY AND EVERY perspective to submit guest posts that give critical appreciations of various Christian writers and scholars. Various friends have already taken the following theologians: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Mary Daly, C.S. Lewis, and a friend has proposed doing a profile on me, yours truly. Outside of these choices, pieces for any Christian thinker/writer are welcome for submission.  If you would like to contact us before I send out the call for contributions, either: tweet at us on the Twitters at @Political_Jesus, message us on our Facebook page, send us fan mail/a message on Tumblr, or simply use the Contact Us page on this site.


2. The Power Of Love : The Power of Love is a series about me re-reading works specifically by James Hal Cone and other liberation theologians, and exploring the idea of relationality in their works. I propose that Liberation theology is a relational theology, and that one cannot truly have a relational theology without a proper examination (and practice) of just relationships. In many Christian circles today, evangelical, emergent/missional, and mainline churches stress the importance of personal relationships. But in what ways is this approach a reflection of oppressive structures in society? I will use this series to explore just that!


3. ONE CHURCH MANY TRIBES: With an editorial staff of five, we are launching a Christian educational anti-racist website for the Church. Named to honor the legacy the late Richard L. Twiss, One Church Many Tribes will feature guest posts, personal stories, and sermons that deal with racial reconciliation and racial justice. Keep up with the 1CMT on Facebook, on Twitter [at] @ManyTribalists, and Tumblr.

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