Female Bibliobloggers and the Top 50

Once again, a call has gone out encouraging more women to biblioblog.  I think I’m getting a little frustrated by this.  Why?

Because there are female bibliobloggers.  They may be in the minority, but they’re out there.

So why aren’t they on the top 50?  A couple of reasons:

1. The top 50 is not an accurate representation of biblioblog rankings.  If it was, Rachel Held Evans would be # 8 on the list.  Also, Elizabeth Scalia would be on the list (now granted, part of the problem with ranking Elizabeth Scalia’s blog is that it is over at Patheos, and Alexa can’t separate out the different blogs).  Evangel over at First Things would also be on the list, as it has several female bloggers contributing.  Internet Monk also has female contributors and would rank around # 22.  Parchment and Pen would be #6.

I suggest we drop this whole “you have to sign up” excuse.  Is it the Top 50 biblioblogs or not?  If it’s not, it needs to be retitled “Top 50 Biblioblogs of people who volunteered to be on the list.”

2. The majority of the female bibliobloggers that I read wouldn’t make the Top 50 because their Alexa ranking is too low to be counted.  So it’s not that there is only a handful of female biblibloggers out there, it is that there is only a handful of female biblobloggers who generate enough traffic to rank in the top 50.

Solution:  Let’s find ways to send some of these fine ladies some more traffic so that their numbers can rank.

Grrr.  So ends my rant.

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  1. Rod of Alexandria

    Rachel Held Evans would be #8?

    The plot thickens!

    Oh, and yes, i would like to call into question the accuracy of the Alexa Rankings, no I am dead serious once more.

    Oh, and the question remains, can we really force people to be part of communities that they do not want to be a part of? Just a thought.

    Perhaps the next step would be to email said persons and ask if they mind if we add them to the list. 😉

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  3. Biblioblog Top 50

    Just to correct your misrepresentation, blogs do not need to “volunteer” to be on the Biblioblog Top 50. To the contrary, The Biblioblog Top 50 includes any blog which has substantial content which pertains to biblical studies, whether the blogger wants to be included or not.

    The field of biblical studies does not include everything that is written about the Bible, and in particular does not include theological, spritual, or sermon material, which is why Rachel Held Evans, Evangel, Internet Monk, and Parchment and Pen are not included. If these blogs include incidental material relevant to biblical studies, they may be included under “Related Blogs.” In addition, as you note, the rankings can not take into account blogs such as Elizabeth Scalia’s, Ben Witherington’s, or Scot McKnight’s, which are not on standalone sites.

    We still think that much more fundamental changes are required to eliminate the systemic bias, but reading women’s blogs is certainly a start.

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  6. Amanda Mac Post author

    Just a quick correction, I just realized that Parchment and Pen is included in the top 50. (see #7 Dan Wallace Contra Mundane which is an archive of his posts back in 2010. His alexa ranking is identical to Parchment and Pen’s overall alexa ranking). I apologize for saying that Parchment and Pen was not on the list.

        1. Rod of Alexandria

          Okay, i think this means this discussion has been about the differences between the ideas of one admin on the biblioblogger top 50 and the others.

          But you are correct, Amanda.

    1. Biblioblog Top 50

      Jeremy includes it in the Top 50, whereas I don’t consider it a biblioblog for the purposes of the Complete List of Biblioblogs. We tend to allow these little differences around the edges.

      1. Amanda Mac Post author

        Thanks for the clarification. It appears that maybe we’ve been talking about two different things all along, considering my original post was talking about the top 50 and not the complete list of biblioblogs.

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