Europe is more progressive than the U.S. when it comes to race #Uuroap #Murica

switzerland here i come

switzerland here i come (Photo credit: ****the dreamer****)

Just really no substantial evidence for this claim, but I hear and read this all the time. Perhaps it’s because whites are seen as the one’s whose culture is always moving forward, and blacks backwards? That’s why Obama can lecture Africa about its homophobia but not Russia in the same manner. White supremacist double standards.

White supremacy needs its double standards and myths in order to continue its existence, and trick people into the idea that it doesn’t exist. I sounded off more than three years ago about the problematic Swiss’ racial profiling and burqa bans. Now, Switzerland is poised to enact racial segregation versus legal immigrants. Even religion is implicated in this blatant racist law: “In Bremgarten, a church will also be off-limits to asylum-seekers.” It seems even after apologizing for neoconfederate Paula Deen and the fact that she’s a billionaire could not even keep Oprah Winfrey from experiencing Swiss racism. No form of monetary gain, no politics of respect [sorrynotsorry Don Lemon] through capitalism or socialism will solve the problem of the color line. White supremacy must be called out, confronted, and dismantled as an institution.

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  1. Curt Day

    white supremacy is just another instance of tribalism or gang mentality. But those involved will not listen because they are addicted to self-flattery.


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