Epic Beards, Precious Puritans, and Enslaving Precious Black Bodies

And Other Adventures In Being An Iconoclast

The history of the Puritans, pardon the cliche, is one of the many sacred cows that U.S. American evangelical Christians have. Any criticism of these folks, even if it comes from a person who loves to read their work, is viewed as something akin to blasphemy.

When a friend from Twitter shared this post from Thabiti Anyabwile of the Gospel Coalition: The Puritans Are Not That Precious, I was both stunned and very happy. That in response to this video:

“Precious Puritans” is a new track from Holy Hip Hop artist, Propaganda (with Kevin Olusola) that can be found at Humble Beast.com, where you can buy it or download it for free!

“As if Jesus only spoke white men with epic beards.”

The upliftment of the Puritans (uncritically) whether from conservative or mainstream circles (yes, there are liberals who read them too) must be seen as idolatrous if the Puritans are viewed as inerrant, or beyond the scope of critique. There are a few other posts worth reading on this issue, from Joe Thorn: Precious Puritans part 1 and Precious Puritans Part 2 as well as Steve K McCoy: Missing the Point: Precious Puritans

I love how this song affirms the imago dei in all people, and I think it speaks volumes. Meanwhile, in 1987, Joseph R. Washington wrote a SIX HUNDRED PAGE essay on the Puritans and race: Puritan Race Virtue, Vice, and Values: 1620-1820, a text I have been searching for a way to get a hold of. Help anyone?

Also, a correction to Thabiti’s post: it is not that good theology leads to good actions, TA is right; no, it is Good Ethics that is Good Theology.

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