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“You’re telling me I could be here for a reason. Part of some bigger plan?”-Kiera Cameron


Last year, I saw the following video that was very Anonymous-like but was really a promo for the Showcase sy fy program, Continuum:

Liber8 are the “terrorists” fighting against a futuristic society dominated by corporations, governed by the Corporate Congress. These antagonists function a lot like Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street, yet prefer lethal violence to send their message. Standing in their way are police persons, Protectors, like Kiera Cameron, played by Rachel Nichols (of GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra & Star Trek *JJ Abrams* fame). Liber8 is apprehended in the future, and were sentenced to death for the murder of thousands. However, they escape using a time bomb to send them back into time. They didn’t count on Kiera Cameron following them back 60 years into the past.

The episode “A Test Of Time” was the most compelling so far. Here, I think more implications of time travel, issues of life, economic, and notions of family just are in fuller view. It all starts out with Liber8’s leader, Eduardo, deciding to target Kiera’s grandmother (then a teenager), as part of a twisted experiment to see what would happen if Kiera’s grandma was murdered, would Kiera cease to exist? As the drama unfolded, Liber8 also begins to notice that one of its members is turning on them. In a plot twist, Eduardo and Travis also take Kellogg’s pregnant (future) grandmother as well. While they are alone hiding from our antagonists, Cameron and Lilly (her grandma) discover that Lilly is pregnant. Lilly is an emancipated teenager with no dreams or job. Horrified at the news, Lilly’s first response is that she must have an abortion, since she is without hope. Working out of self-preservation, Cameron talks to Lilly out of having an abortion, pointing out that she should discuss this with the father, and that there will be a possibility that her child will have a child, and they will surround Lilly with so much love, she will be really glad she made the right decision.

Kiera’s persuasive argument worked, and I think that there is a lesson to be learned here for person’s who are pro-life. Science fiction is always a great way to discuss ethics and culture, and Continuum is no exception. Officer Cameron makes her contention based on human love without a reference to a higher power of any sort. I think that this could be a possible example of the sort of arguments to be made in favor of life but from a common ground.

There other scene in this episode I found fascinating. One, was towards the conclusion of the ep, the hostage situation included the bodies of three pregnant women. It got me to thinking how in economics, as critic Gayatri Spivak notes, how undervalued the bodies AND labor of women and mothers are in corporation-driven economies as well as in Marxist theory. It could be possible Continuum is making a subtle criticisms of both capitalism and Marxism.

I can’t wait to watch what is ahead on this show, and I am glad it got renewed!

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