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Parks and Recreation - Paleyfest - March 6, 2012

Parks and Recreation – Paleyfest – March 6, 2012 (Photo credit: starbright31)

One of my favorite television shows to watch is Parks And Rec. It’s a political mockumentary, sort of like The Office only with politics from the Left and the Right. It’s very enjoyable, and sometimes I even wonder would it would be like to work for a Parks and Rec division in a city.

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The city of Memphis, Tennessee has made me almost feel sorry for their parks and rec department. Why? Because a group of city councilors voted to rename three parks that were once named for heroes from the Confederacy. Nathan Bedford Forest nor the Confederacy should have parks named after them. If the Ancient Romans had the wisdom to obliterate names of leaders from the record who brought dishonor, so should the U.S. Jefferson Davis? Meh. The only reason why this is happening?


“The move by the Memphis council was meant to counter efforts in the Tennessee legislature to preserve Confederacy-related names.”


The KKK to rally to protect the rights of Confederate State Parks– U.S. News/NBC News


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