Would Clement, Athanasius, or Augustine Be Biblio/Theo-bloggers?

As I was working through my thesis and sometimes blogging on a few of my arguments concerning God’s transcendence, I tried to imagine, what if Clement of Alexandria was biblioblogger? He would probably entitle his blog something like “Magic Carpet Rides” or maybe even “Better Bearded Manly Men” or better yet, “The Teacher’s Pet!”  I am sure he would out right reject the NLT, universalism, The Ed Show, universal health-care, and and love for the Emo lifestyle (basically anything Joel affirms).  Augustine would probably post on his blog “Ambrose Redivivus” and discuss why we should not have to learn the original languages of Scripture, and that the plain English of the KJV was all that we needed [part of sentence has been deleted].  Perhaps the least popular biblioblog written by a church father would be “That’s What the Father Said!” by Athanansius, since, like Jeremy, he is never wrong about anything; like, ever.

All kidding aside, I think that Ben Meyers in his latest article on blogging and theology got it right; that the church fathers and mothers wrote as a form of spiritual practice, even recording unimportant and minute details like we do on Twitter.  If you have a chance, check out Ben’s post.

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    1. Rod of Alexandria

      It was a joke Rob, a joke; more of a commentary on the insanity of seeing Augustine as an expert on biblical matters when he only read the Latin. That’s like taking the word of an English Only reader of scripture


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