Christian Night Clubs? Really? No, I'm Not making this up.

Imagine. You wanna go out clubbin’ (and not for baby seals), and there is this place, with “clean” “secular” music, alcohol, and smoking, but still the same number of desperate men & women with lame pick-up lines.

Add the label Christian to it, and PRESTO! Magically, the kingdom of g*d can be found at a party.
What? Christians? Partying without license? Having fun? Dancing as David danced (2nd Samuel 6)?

Of course I am all for Christians having fun, but really, Christian night clubs? I mean, we already have a Christian movie, music, and fashion industry, as well as Christian social networks. What’s next, Christian drug deals– so we can reach out to more addicts? Oh, I know, perhaps an underground Christian government.

I don’t think our big Christian bubble segregating us from everyone else can’t get much bigger.


Christian Clubs Change Night Life Persona–Charisma Magazine

0 thoughts on “Christian Night Clubs? Really? No, I'm Not making this up.

  1. Charles

    Aw Man! No baby seals?

    Oh, I know, perhaps an underground Christian government.

    Sshhhhhhh… you’re not supposed to talk about that.

  2. Mitchell Powell

    I think it was Derek Webb who said that, attached to anything other than a person, the word Christian is nothing more than a marketing label. Christian night clubs are the perfect case in point.

    1. Nikkip

      Mostly there are some of us who try our best. Everything is a sales point now though. I seen a guy when I was on vacation who had a big cross on his side getting blasted. I dont care if that cross covered his whole body that wouldnt get him into heaven.

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  4. Kevin

    Do you know from personal experience (visiting the “club”) that there is smoking, drinking, and only secular music played? Are you certain that “desperate” people are gathering for pick-ups? It’s so easy to assume the worst in others (because we are all sinners in need of Jesus). In God’s Commandment, “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor,” He expects us to speak well of our neighbor and put the best construction on his / her actions. Until proven otherwise, let’s trust that those who go to “Christian Nightclubs” are looking for Christian fellowship, and ways to share their faith and encouragement with each other. It sounds like a great idea to me!

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      Good point Kevin, in the Christian nation of Texas the clubs play Christian music too since they are highly aware of their audience.

      I avoid bars and clubs at all costs, not out of any legalism, but because I hate second hand smoke in my lungs.

      I’m not assuming the worst in others. I’m just being practical in wanting to live longer.

      A few nights later after I posted this post, I also posted this story as a follow up:

      Exactly why I am cynical about this endeavor.

  5. Ragan

    It’s really sad that people always have negative things to say about anything to do with Jesus. People laugh and act like it is a joke for young Believers to have a place to go and hang out with friends and listen to music with out lyrics of sex, drugs, violence, or stuff that doesn’t matter. But I forgot our society would rather people get drunk on Friday nights, grind to some nasty song, and hook up with anyone who will give us the time of day. Oops! My bad! The Christian clubs I have read about and searched out do not serve alcohol or allow smoking, so not sure what the above off the wall comments are all about. Just because you are Believer does not mean that you do not want to enjoy life, have a social life, or dance like David danced 🙂 Christian Government not a bad idea 🙂

  6. zach

    GEN 50:20
    But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

  7. Nikkip

    I’m thinking of starting a Christian club a real one no drinking. Hey news flash you can have fun with a clear head.Yeah we got an us version of everything. In the world not of it. Drinking a beer is even OK Jesus drank wine but, he didnt get drunk. Still I’m not going to serve beer I’d hate to have to threw out “christians”. I hate when people call themselves Christians then go drink the night away. NO I’m not perfect I mess up all the time but, I at least try to follow Gods rules. If someone has to tell you their a Christian and you can’t tell from the way they live then they are not a Christian they are a “christian” little c! Anyway I’ll get off my soap box. God bless you all.


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