Changing Seasons & Changing Series

Happy Autumnal equinox!

I really hope everyone enjoyed the Summer of Aquaman , environmental justice and theology! Of course I won’t stop posting about these topics, but there are so many other interesting topics to explore. Some topics to look out for from me:

Musical Jesus – this will be a series of posts related to famous (or not so famous) hymns, songs, or even poetry related to the Christ. Soemtimes it’ll just be me wanting to feature a nice song with great lyrics or criticize the implications of others… also, will be including “secular” Jesus music

International Films – I’m hoping to feature some not-so-well-known, international films with deep, profound ( divine!) hard-hitting messages and themes. Some of them will be critically acclaimed “masterpieces” and others just my personal faves. These will be ,essentially, critical movie reviews! I’m hoping people will share their own ideas and opinions of these films if they have seen them.

Expect great things this season!

0 thoughts on “Changing Seasons & Changing Series

  1. Curt Day

    Living in a non-Southern state, I recognize only 2 seasons during the year: hard butter season and soft butter season. Of course, this only applies to when one does not keep the butter dish in the refrigerator.

    BTW, I am looking forward to seeing your selection of international films.


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