By Way of Introduction

Hello Political Jesus readers!

I thought I would take a post to introduce myself.  You can, of course, take a look at my about tab at the top of the page, but to round it out a little bit, how about a mini-interview by me, with me, but for you.

So, you’re Canadian?

Yup.  That means Tim Horton’s is an entire food group by itself.  It means I throw extra “u”s into words (colour, behaviour, etc).  It means I get my “e”s and “r”s mixed up (theatre instead of theater).  It means that I must strongly disagree with Rod’s choice of NHL hockey teams.  Any NHL team that is not based in a climate that actually has a winter is not truly a hockey team.


So, you’re a woman?

Yup.  And a rare breed of woman at that.  There are few female, Christian, sci-fi, theo-bloggers out there who are just as likely to write about Karl Barth’s doctrine of election as they are to write about the theological implications of Star Trek.


So, are you a feminist?

Well.  Um.  Maybe?  I hate the term, as it seems to have taken on a derogatory meaning in evangelical circles today.  If the question is, are you going to be a feminist theologian when you grow up, then the answer is no.  I want to be a theologian who just happens to be female and my long-term interest trends more towards systematic theology in general.


But you’ve been a pastor?

Yup.  I’ve spent a decade in various ministry positions.   I love to preach and teach.  But I’m not a crusader for women-in-ministry.  I don’t want to fight.   If a church invites me to preach, speak, teach, etc., then I will gladly accept.  If a church doesn’t want me to preach because of my gender, I won’t go breaking down their door to do it anyway.


What do you have planned for future contributions to Political Jesus?

Well, over the next little while, I plan to post the following articles:

* Zax on the Prairie of Prax: A perspective on the current state of evangelical ‘dialogue’

* How Do We Preach Chalcedon in the 21st Century

* Inside, Outside: How Does the Blogosphere Impact the Secular World’s Impression of the Church?

7 thoughts on “By Way of Introduction

  1. J. K. Gayle

    What a great self introduction!

    a feminist?

    Well. Um. Maybe? I hate the term

    Reminds us of Nancy Mairs, who writes:

    “An anonymous reader of an early version of this book [of mine]… concluded: ‘It is obvious from her criticism that she wasn’t meant to be an academic, from her encounter with French feminist theory, that she wasn’t cut out for a career as a critic. What is obvious is that she is a real writer.’

    …. And how is a ‘real’ writer distinguished from other sorts (what sorts?) of writers? These are not idle questions. And they do not have merely private significance. The capacity–the drive–to segregate and hierarchize intellectual pursuits, to speak of them in the passive voice as though they were ordained by some anonymous agency, and to envision ‘real’ as a discrete state distinguishable (by the rigorous critical mind) from some other way of being infects otherwise fluid and flexible intelligences with a kind of cerebral tetanus that inhibits jouissance before the first lovely ripple of pleasure has fairly begun.

    I am not a ‘real writer.’ I am a writer. Without modification.”


  2. Rod of Alexandria

    “Any NHL team that is not based in a climate that actually has a winter is not truly a hockey team.”

    Was that cheap shot necessary, Amanda? I’m just sayin’; Go Stars go!

  3. Optimistic Chad

    Amanda, I could not be more excited that you are part of the team. I too will be blogging here… eventually.

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