Book Review: Occupy Spirituality by Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox #OWS

I am reviewing this book in exchange for my copy.

The text centers around dialogues between septuagenarian Matthew Fox, a veteran crusader against fascist religious authorities, and Adam Bucko, an advocate for the rights of the homeless who is under 40. I was quite intrigued when Fox and Bucko discussed the work of Howard Thurman, and it’s unfortunate that they did not go forward in the details of his life as they did others like Walt Whitman. Otherwise, they would have realized that they would have an ally in Thurman in terms of views on spirituality. The proposals put forth by Fox and Bucko were your run of the mill- religiously pluralistic solutions to evil corporations, with spirituality over religion, and mysticism over the sacramental. All of this “unity” talk is grand, but here’s been my problem with religious pluralistic activism that’s usually proposed by white liberals: the categories that Fox and Bucko rely on are Christian, and every other religion is seen through a progressive Christian lens. In other words, our differences are something to be eschewed, and are the primary reasons for our conflicts. Although disguised as a message of peace and celebration of our differences, to point to our differences as the blame for human conflict has been a violent hallmark of white liberal imperialism. While I felt encouraged to bring my spiritual life into activism with this book, I still had lingering questions about the hegemonic implications about the solutions the writers of this book put forth.

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