Blog Posts of Note: Week of April 10 through April 16 2011

The Point Of Return

The week started out with a bang as the writers a Being a Woman in Philosophy began sharing their stories again, including this post on pregnancy, childcare, and being an academic.

Rachel Held Evans has discovered she can stay in evangelicalism thanks to the postconservative theology of Roger Olson.

Erin Of UNDONE THEOLOGY is having second thoughts about her critique of Soong Chan Rah’s The Next Evangelicalism. Here is my review for a while back: Book Review of The Next Evangelicalism.

Women IN Theology announced that one of their own, Beth, will be pursuing a PhD in theology from Fordham University, to work with the likes of persons such as Elizabeth Johnson.

I would also like to take the time to congratulate my friend Adam who is matriculating to Syracuse for its PhD program in Religious Studies.

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