Blog Posts of Note This Week: Politics & Religion, Jesus the Jedi, and Walmart!

This week in blogging, there were some excellent posts on politics, comics, and religion. Here is what I have been reading.

The Politics Of Doctrine by Danny Webster, a response to Wayne Grudem’s partisan Christianity.

The Real Gospel by TC Moore, and how the Gospel isn’t a “Get-Out of Hell” free card.

Disability and Autonomy by Suzanne McCarthy, on the agency of those who are disabled, gender and religion.

How Walmart Dictates The American Economy by Christian Salafia, a prophetic post which couldn’t have come at a better time, since there is construction right across the street from me and where a local church is for a new Wal-Mart.

Evan of Culture War Reporters: Storm and Black Hair, another nice post on racial identity and comic books.

I could not agree more with LaToya Peterson and her Racialicious Crush of the Week: Barbara Jordan. And I didn’t know about Jordan’s views on immigration either, with all the research I have done.

Zak Hunt’s Jesus Ordained Women, So We Should Too is an excellent post, and is a similar perspective to the one I have.

Julia of Women In Theology: Halloween Costuming: Some Feminist Basics; I also have to wonder what this means for cosplaying over all!

Lastly, James McGrath’s posts on Jedi Jesus has me thinking about how Jedi Jesus is a parody of white images of Jesus, along with my reading of The Color of Christ. Also, been thinking about Jesus as Sith Lord, the dark side of the force, and the darkness of God (transcendence). More to come, I assure you!: How Not To Evangelize Jedi and Jedi Jesus and Jedi for Jesus

Imagine a shirt: Jesus Is (Sith) Lord!

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