Black Lightening is getting a reboot, While Marvel is Rebooting as well

You are probably wondering why I changed my AVI to another avatar with Black Lightening, only this time side by side with some blue genie like dude. Well, yesterday on Independence Day, DC Comics announced that that Black Lightening and Blue Devil are getting paired up for what looks to be like an odd-couple buddy cop super-hero experiment of 5 issues.

I am excited, so this means in October my pile will probably increase by one. I am hoping for a better story than BatWing; I just have a problem with white superheroes being teleported to Africa, and then given no personality. Being an observant of pop culture, I know the odds are not in the favor of people of color, and that’s why I’ll keep blogging on it. Maybe buddying up with some strange mythical creature is the way to go, to market to a broader audience. I am more hopeful about the return of BL than BW.

Anyways, DC, good going, and enjoy the free marketing from me via my avatars:

Oh did you read about that Marvel is rebooting its Universe like DC did with the New 52? Imitation is a form of flattery, they say.

Marvel NOW reboot: From Pop Watch

2 thoughts on “Black Lightening is getting a reboot, While Marvel is Rebooting as well

  1. Ken Leonard

    I don’t think that Marvel’s thing is quite the same as DC’s. Not a real reboot, it’s just a shaken-up universe. Not even as dramatic as post-World of M or after Siege with the so-called Age of Heroes.

    Just about every year, Marvel shakes things up and announces that they’re fundamentally changing the whole universe. It’s usually hype.

    But I don’t think that we’re looking at anything huge here, or anything that will last beyond next year’s shakeup of the universe.


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