Biomimicry, Democracy & Trashing the planet by trashing people

Guest post by Harry Samuels:

This video features a talk given by Mr. Van Jones – a noted figure and intellectual in the contemporary environmental movement – where he does something that echoes my last post about blacks caring about the environment. He is addressing what has grown to be a massive environmental issue- plastics in the environment, specifically plastic in the oceans. There is a massive underwater mass of plastic about the size of texas caught up in the Pacific gyre ( a portion of the ocean where global tradewinds interact in the ocean-atmosphere boundary layer to generate vortices on the ocean surface). This is insane! Jones, however, makes the case for the link between environmental welfare and human welfare – truly trashing the planet is impossible without trashing people (environmental issues as civil rights issues!).

Van Jones also makes an interesting link between the ideas of democracy – valuing the wisdom of all people , and biomimicry – valuing the wisdom of all lifeforms. What might we learn from mushrooms, insects, honey bee colonies, etc. about how we ought to conduct society? What have we perhaps already learned? Enjoy & comment!

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