Biblical judges

Biblical judges (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the adjectives liberal and conservative Christians like to throw around is the adj. “Biblical,” as in “my view of how the church should be is more biblical than yours.” Whenever you hear or read the term “biblical,” always rest assured you have entered smack dab into the middle of a pissing contest. No, what you mean by biblical is that some doctrine or belief that you hold near and dear to your heart [believers’ baptism by immersion in MY case] is re-affirmed by YOU and YOUR Community’s specific reading of Scripture. To be biblical is for someone’s reading of the Good Book that endorses what you have always believed, and the way you have always believed it: BIBLICAL. This particular way of understanding “biblical” tells us much more about ourselves than the Bible itself.

The word “biblical” works the same way as many Christians use “inerrancy.” Church history shows that inerrantists who use a definition outside of the Scriptures inerrantly displaying God’s salvation through Jesus (as persons like John Calvin and modern-day Nazarenes affirm), wind up making THEIR interpretation of Scripture inerrant. I think it is more of this form of Chicago Statement absolutism that drives persons to reject inerrancy more than anything else.

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