You’re So Vain

Oh, and You Thought This Post Was About You, Bout You!

I bet you thought that post was about you, about you, don’t you, Joel?

Well, I am sorry to disappoint, but I had more people in mind when I wrote the humorous piece on Bible translations. But your response just proves that it got under your skin when I took a jab at your beloved precious No Luck Translation.  I do not really believe any of the stuff I posted about people who carry. Did you see my comments about the NRSV? or the Message? Of course you can’t see the forest from the trees because you are upset with the recent events that have happened in the world of US American politics.

Joel, you are not the only card-carrying lover of the NLT that I know.  Your post is another case of you missing the point completely.

And p.s.:

Code words such as Objectivity  and Rationality have already been de-bunked as Eurocentric terms that were used to described the the Western white liberal Enlightenment meta-narrative.You might want to go check up on that, I mean, you know, see the other side, in the name of objectivity.

And P.s.s.:

Whose rationality? Oh that’s right…………….

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