Be a Blessing For Brian Fulthorp Today

Brian Fulthorp had a rough day today.

According to Joel Watts,

“Brian is an Assemblies of God pastor in Arizona and a fellow blogger…

(Mark reminds us) Brian and Debbie, for those who don’t know, receive very little income from the church they pastor and are in the process of becoming missionary candidates with the AG to help further God’s work at the grand Canyon.

….and he has lost many of his books. Maybe this doesn’t many anything to you, but if it does, could you spare a book from his wish list?”

He had to dispose of his entire library, filled with theology books because of some mold from his housing.  After I read this post, I was moved and have decided to mail a few books by one of my favorite theologians, Stanley Grenz, and a few others. If you are able, could you please take the time to visit Brian’s blog linked above to see what you could do to help, either mailing a book or sending a word of encouragement.

Again, here is the link.

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2 thoughts on “Be a Blessing For Brian Fulthorp Today

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      He said he would try to post his list somehow, i am donating a few grenz books, 1 that he lost, and adding in a few others. He also has an amazon list as well.


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