You Have Been Bamboozled: The Coffee Party Movement

The video above is one of my favorites scenes from the movie Malcolm X. Less than two weeks ago, I found the Coffee Party Movement on facebook. I had my suspicions, but I withheld them out of patience.

And the patience was worth it. It turns out that it is not a grass root organization randomly started by a non-partisan citizen, but rather a political operative who volunteered for the Obama presidential campaign.  This was hardly a surprise.  Here is more information: here and here.

Not surprised at all on this one. Antony said it best: “Kool-Aid party, anyone?”

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  1. Reno.Muse

    Free speech and thought and another point of view really bothers the Tea Party! Talk about control freaks! LOL!

  2. MTR

    Hey, Reno, where did the blogger say he objected to freedom of speech? He simply mentioned the Obama operative. In fact, he was willing to not pass judgement.

  3. Ray

    I just love the crazy trolls who believe that they can read the minds of others and know what “really bothers” them. Please.

    Based upon the links above, the Coffee Party is a reactionary movement, was hijacked from the very beginning and the founder of it has been involved in volunteering for the Democrat Party and is an Obama political operative.

    Some MSM outfits have tried to cast her as being some ordinary person who was a non partisan outsider and had no experience in such things. Liars. The Coffee Pothead movement was astroturf from the start.

  4. soldierguardian

    The Coffee Party is non-partisan-I’m an Independent, mid-western raised guy and I attended a Coffee Party meeting in DC this past Saturday, I’m a military officer, combat veteran; have been in for over 21 years. My wife, who is a fed govt employee, as well as several other govt employees were among the 40-50 people at the meeting. It was a diverse group-white, black, east & south asian, male, female, 20-somethings to 50 and older; teachers, laborers, college students, a scientist, a college professor, military, a couple of lawyers, a seminary graduate, independent film maker, mothers, fathers, etc…. There were liberals/progressives, centrists, and conservatives at the meeting.

    We’re sick of the deadlock in Washington, too, but there are more constructive ways to break the deadlock than shouting people down at town halls, bullying people on the streets and carrying around anti-establishment, anti-semitic/racist, and subversive signs and placards.

    The Tea Party doesn’t represent the majority in the US-if anything maybe 10%. All of us in attendance at the meeting are put off by the vitriolic behavior, incivility, and racist/nativist undertones of the Tea Party. Tea Partiers hate the governemnt, so they must hate me as a career soldier and everyone else in the government who puts their best foot forward and gives 110% everyday; many of whom, such as my wife, who puts in, on average about 15 hours a week in overtime, but doesn’t claim it, because she puts responsibility and service to our nation above her own interests. So don’t get all haughty on here thinking you know what your talking about-attend one of the meetings, be open-minded; you will not be disappointed.

    Just because the founder of the movement was an Obama supporter doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, I was an early McCain supporter, so does that mean that I’m a ‘Republican Operative.’ Seriously, do better research before you post your opinions, as they should be based on sound and reliable evidence, not inuendo and false assumtions.


    1. Rod of Alexandria

      Aside from your hyperbole and stereotypes of the teapartiers,

      if you read the articles I link, they prove that she was more than just an “Obama supporter.”

      My post also means that the MSM is once again lying to us.

  5. soldierguardian


    Neither hype nor stereotypes in what I posted-I saw the Tea Partiers in action action first hand in DC.

    Also, NewBusters is a right wing conspiarcy theorist-oriented website (like NewsMax) and Legal Insurrection is a ‘so-called’ conservative blog

    And volunterring for a campaign does not make someone ‘more than an Obama supporter.’ You are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Even if she was heavily involved in Obama’s campaign, it does not undermine the Coffee Party movement (which I don’t particularly like the name), it is not as if she were a big name political hack like Dick Armey w/ lots of high-level political connections and money.

    You should attend a meeting before you judge. Are you not a fair-minded, patriotic American, who wants whats best for America or do you want to see it fail through divisiveness, partisan rancor, and hate?

    1. Rod of Alexandria

      It’s Rod, first of all.

      And second of all, who cares if you call me partisan or not. I have the right to my opinion.

      TCM and the Tea Party are both astroturf. get over yourself.

  6. soldierguardian

    Sorry, Rod.

    You do have a right to your opinion, as do we all, but one can’t, with integrity and honesty to oneself and God pass off their opinion and inuendo as fact.

    I did not call you a partisan-I was referring to Congress.

    There is a clear difference between the two groups–here is what astroturfing is:

    Astroturfing is an English-language term referring to political, advertising, or public relations campaigns that are formally planned by an organization, but designed to mask its origins to create the impression of being spontaneous, popular “grassroots” behavior.

    As I stated in the previous post, big name, big money, corporate political involvement.

    Support the troops and the USA!

  7. Ray


    What you said about Newsbusters and legalinsurrection is an attack on the messenger, not the message. When you do that, you lose right away. Nice try at deflection, though. Epic Fail on your part.

    Second, those sites (and increasingly many others) have documented her own words, past political involvements and associations, and what she said on those tweets, in interviews, from youtube clips and so on.

    There is no way around that.

    Yet you try to make it sound like she is “just an obama supporter.”

    She was involved in an effort to get Obama elected in more than “just a supporter” fashion. That has been documented. You accuse me of making a mountain out of a mole hill, but you intentionally deflect once again by trying to make a mole hill out of a mountain as the track record of Annabel Park has been documented – in her own words on tweets, in youtube clips and so on.

    Her work with United for Obama, Asians for Obama, her work for Webb, and so on is quite telling. She may say that she wants to reach out to tea partiers to try to discuss things politely or whatever, but she has shown her contempt for those “teabaggers.”

    You are entitled to your own opinion, Soldierguardian, but you are not entitled to the facts.

    Since she is the founder of the Coffee Party, and her past track record shows that the Coffee Party was hijacked from its inception by an Obama political operative.

    More and more websites keep digging up more and more of her track record. I gave only two sites that take you to direct links where people can read/see what she has done and said in the past. No way to hide that. The Coffee Party movement is astroturf, despite the MSM’s attempt to cast her as some disaffected political outsider.

    You talk about divisiveness, partisan rancor and hate? What Annabel Park has said (check out the tweets for once) sound hateful. Her associations and past political involvements -United for Obama, Asians for Obama (there are more) and so on…nah, she’s not partisan. No way. And she is divisive.

    The Tea Party peolple have been shown in more than one poll/survey to be more than 10%. The MSM has taken a few crazies (as there are crazies in every movement) and tried to make them out to be the norm with their gross generalizations of the Tea Party movement.
    This is an old, worn out tactic that isn’t working this time.

    You talk about racism?

    In his book “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama said that the first sermon he heard from Rev. Wright was about how “white folks greed runs a world in need,” and how white people are responsible for the world’s ills. I have read the book. Anyone can buy the book and read that part. Obama then went on in his book to talk about his first service at TUCC there when he heard this sermon, saw the kids fidgeting next to him and how that sermon brought tears to his eyes. Obama knew what that race-baiting reverend was about yet he still attended there for 20 years after that.

    Like I said, you talk about racism? Please spare me…

    When Obama is on tv, you are looking at one. He even had the gall to stereotype his own white grandmother by calling her a “typical white person.”

  8. Ray


    You attempted to minimize the definition of what astroturf is. Astroturf can be formed by political interests also or even one individual or two, five, ten people…. There are several definitions on the net and they are different from each other. Wiki has one definition, has another and so on. Look above this line and below it to see varying definitions for what astroturf is.

    David Axelrod is famous for his astroturfing in Chicago, and he is just one man.

    Sure, money helps, but one, two, five, ten people with a computer and a minimal investment can send out mass-emails for people to appear at a place to protest, lots of people then show up, the media shows up, and then the organizer says that this was a spontaneous uprising. That equals Astroturf. Several leftists have used this method more than once.

    As noted in my previous post, there is more than enough documented evidence to show that the Coffee Party is astroturf. They are a reactionary astroturf movement started by someone who is not some non-partisan, disaffected outsider with no prior political involvement/experience.

  9. Ray

    Rod of Alexandria,

    Apparently you have a particular poster here that is scared that people will find out about the information that you have presented here.

    Keep up the good work!

    If there is no pushback, Rod, that is when you need to wonder if you are making a difference.

  10. soldierguardian

    You use a loose definition of astroturf to make your point. It appears that you only concentrate on what you perceive as negative, try to find what you consider dirt or a smoking gun on those with whom you disagree. If you were a true Christian and had an open mind; and were less critical of anecdotal information.

    You can’t see the forest for the trees, you should take you biased blinders off for they hinder any rationality in your opinion.

    No intent to personally disparage anyone, just trying to make one see the flaw in their own thought process and research abilities.

    I’m done here; I’m sure your pleased.

    You can follow me on twitter, if you

    1. Rod of Alexandria

      No I am not.

      You are just upset that the CPM has been exposed as a sham.

      Don’t question my Christianity. What an arrogant approach you have to politics. First, questioning my patriotism and then questioning my religion. Who are you to judge where I stand? Who made you god? The Obamassiah.

      The fact is that you are a troll and you ARE trying to disparage my views. You, my friend, are the one who is biased.

      I will never support the Obamassiah. Get over.

      I am not going to follow arrogant rude trolls on twitter. It’s a waste of my time. No thanks.


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