Another Reason to Hate Ultimate Fighting Championship/MMA: Supporting SOPA

I’ve made my dislike for Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting Championship know. And now, I further dislike the sport even more. It turns out that Ultimate Fighting Championship are in favor of censorship, the Stop Online Pirvacy, I mean, Piracy Act.

You can see the entire list here: List of Supporters: SOPA

6 thoughts on “Another Reason to Hate Ultimate Fighting Championship/MMA: Supporting SOPA

  1. Charles

    Good thinking, Rod.

    Athletes who dedicate years of hard work, self-denial, and low-to-no pay because of their love of mixed martial arts totally deserve your hatred because of the opinions of two billionaire casino owners. 😛

      1. Charles

        It’s not about how I feel about SOPA (I think it’s a bad idea). It’s about how I feel about the martial arts and those who practice them.

        (And it’s about me being in a snarky mood because our baby woke me up at 4:45am)

  2. Charles

    Further, just look at everyone on that list that you hate now!

    Christian musicians
    Marvel Comics
    Professors (what with all the textbook publishers on the list)

    [editted to correct spelling-Rod of A]

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      I prefer DC Comics to Marvel. 🙂

      Cops…. ummmmm, well, i have my problems with the prison industrial complex.

      Christian musicians. Yup. electricians. Ehhhhh. Firefighters…ehhhh…..
      MLB? NFL? College sports are better.


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