AnaBlacktivist Chat: Anti-Blackness, Liberation & Shalom #AnaBlacktivism

This week on JuneTeenth, the 2 minds behind AnaBlacktivist Seminary (Drew Hart & myself) are hosting a Twitter chat on race: Anti-Blackness, Liberation, and Shalom. In continuing the conversation that MennoNerds had on Race, Mutuality, and AnaBaptist community, AnaBlacktivist Seminary would like to talk specifically on Anti-Black racism and its function in up and coming Neo-Anabaptist & Christian peace theologies.

Anti-Blackness manifests itself in several ways. First, as Drew points out, why are neo-Anabaptist writers more privy to engage Latin@ liberation theologies, but not Black theology? Why are Neo-Anabaptist writers more likely to use Black history as props when it comes to issues outside of race, but there’s no reading of Black religious texts? This neglect and ignoring of Black religious life is part of the legacy of White supremacy, AnaBlacktivists would argue. How can Neo-AnaBaptists claim to be working for racial reconciliation but consider Black presence unnecessary? Such reconciliation in the name of “peace” turns out to be yet another form of hegemony.

The other way that Anti-Blackness shows itself is in the idea that protest traditions and Black liberation theologies aren’t “liturgically grounded.” One renowned white NeoAnabaptist scholar has remarked about a black church lead political movement here in the South that theres not enough liturgy for the movement. When pushed whose liturgy are we talking about, no answer is given. In order for Black Christian politics to be seen as legit, they must be grounded in the religious languages anf practices from the Dominant Culture. In short, more hegemony.

Join us Thursday at 8pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME for this conversation, using the hashtag #AnaBlacktivism



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