An Ode to Our New Tagline

Courtesy of Chad.

Because Jesus is part of the Never Ending Story!

As we all know, Jesus was also the founding member of the National Rifle Association.

Mark Driscoll is right. Jesus should be a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Jesus Smash!

3 thoughts on “An Ode to Our New Tagline

  1. Josh

    I came across a journal article this week titled…wait for it… “Was Jesus a Martial Artist?”, published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. Here’s the abstract:

    “A number of statements in the gospels of the New Testament describe the behavior of Jesus-bar-Joseph of Nazareth in Galilee in a way that suggests that he may have been acquainted with certain martial arts techniques. We examine these statements in some detail and then proceed to consider what martial arts traditions may have been extant in south-western Asia, more specifically Palestine, in the first century CE.”

    Email me if you want a copy. It’s mind-numbingly bad.


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