All Women X-Men Team? #MarvelNow Now Has My Attention!


Psylocke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DC Comics has its Birds Of Prey, you know, the one and only Birds of Prey, because no one does it better than the Birds of Prey.

Today, Marvel has announced as part of Marvel Now (the reboot like DC’s New 52), that X-Men will be an all female cast, including half of the cast as persons of color (Psylocke, Jubilee, and Storm).

My interest is piqued. I know I have thrown a lot of shade Marvel’s way, and rightfully so, but I could see myself becoming an X-Men fan again, you know, if it doesn’t become “the cult of Hugh Jackman/Wolverine.”

I’m glad to see Psylocke back and less objectified. She was a child-hood favorite, yes, her and Colossus after Nightcrawler.

What are your thoughts? Is Marvel Now headed in the right direction?

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4 thoughts on “All Women X-Men Team? #MarvelNow Now Has My Attention!

  1. Optimistic Chad

    I could take Jubilee or leave her. I dislike Psylocke, as you mentioned. BUT… Rachel Grey is awesome. She is an ex-slave, forced to harm her own people. Kitty Pryde – Jewish chick. Rogue – serious PTSD issues, as well as poster child for every mental health issue in the book. Storm – punk and black. It looks like much more diversity than you thought, Rod.

    And for what its worth, Colossus and Nightcrawler are two of my faves as well.


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