Absorbing Blasphemy: Forgive Abu Islam!

Christians at this moment have a unique opportunity. We have an opportunity to show exactly how we respond when people blaspheme our God. Will we stand up for God and God’s kingdom? Or will we let our God be insulted yet again?

If you watch this video, you will see Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah, AKA Abu Islam, ripping pages from a Christian Bible. In a second video, he is caught on tape saying that, “Next time I will urinate on it.”

The twist is that this took place in Cairo, Egypt during the recent riots. As a result, Abu Islam is now facing charges and will go before an Egyptian court on September 30 on charges for breaking Egypt’s anti-blasphemy laws. If convicted, he faces 5 years in prison for this act.

Are we going to stand up for our Christian principles here? If so, we MUST act. We must plead on behalf of Abu Islam. We must pray that he is not convicted. The true blasphemy would be to not do so. Does not our scripture say to love our enemy? We must practice love for this man, and forgive him.

Except, what if there is nothing to forgive him for in the first place? Why would Christians be offended at this in the first place? They shouldn’t. You see, the Bible is not our god. The Bible is not an idol. The Bible is not even perfect. In fact, to claim these things would be to place them on the level that is reserved only for the Divine. Our Bible bears witness to God’s actions and to the history of those who have attempted to follow God throughout history. It is not Jesus. It is not God. In fact, it is through the witness of the Bible that we find this on the lips of Jesus, “Therefore I tell you, people will be forgiven for every sin and blasphemy, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.” Without getting into a debate about what it means to blaspheme against the Spirit (which probably doesn’t mean what you think it does), one thing we can clearly tell is that blasphemy against the Bible will clearly be forgiven, since the Bible does not equal the Spirit.

In fact, if we do nothing, or worse, if we endorse the punishment of this man, we break our covenant of love with our God, and our witness to the love of God, never mind the witness of the Bible, will be lost, and our God will truly be blasphemed.

So please, go on Facebook. Go on Twitter. Shout it from every rooftop. Simply this: Forgive Abu Islam! Egypt, let Abu Islam go!

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