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Political Jesus is a Christian theology blog maintained by h00die_R (Rod),  Optimistic Chad, and Amanda Mac, usually filled with commentary on ministry, theology, Scripture, politics, science fiction, and pop culture.

A Sequel is coming soon; look out for it in January 2015!

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Rebooting PJ: Conversations on Gender (December 2014)

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Origin Story from a few years ago:

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As a disclaimer, the views of this blog do not necessarily represent Briercrest College and Seminary, Brite Divinity School, or any other of our affiliations.


ABOUT h00die_R (Rod), Creator, Senior Writer for Political Jesus

Where It All Started

Rod was raised in a Christian home, 1/2 National Baptist Convention, USA Inc., and the other 1/2 African Methodist Episcopal Zion. Rod sees himself firmly within the Radical Reformation tradition with Charismatic tendencies. He is grateful for the teaching of Jesus passed down by his mother. In the second grade, Rod responded to an altar call, and three weeks later on Mother’s Day, he was baptized along with one of his brothers. He has been a Trekkie since an early age, with his absolute prefered series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which featured one of his heroes, Captain Benjamin Sisko. As far as comic books go, he loved MARVEL comics/entertainment, but BATMAN is vastly superior to any hero narrative out there, and he cannot tolerate Superman. No apologies for that one. NHL Teams- Dallas Stars, Atlanta Thrashers, and basically any other team based in the Southern U.S. A.; NFL Teams-Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, and Green Bay Packers; NBA Team- San Antonio Spurs; with my favorite sport, Major League Baseball: Chicago White Sox. Oh, yes, and Go Cards! (University of Louisville Cardinals) and Go Frogs! (TCU Horned Frogs)


School And Career Info:

Rod was called to preach as a teenager, and has developed a deep love for Children’s Ministry. The late reverend Reggie White was his favorite athlete and minister. A few years back, a World History teacher told Rod he looked like someone who would go to seminary, and so here he is, with a BA in Religious Studies, a MDiv in Black Church Studies and Pre-PhD studies, and a Masters of Theology in History and Theology. In his spare time, Rod loves to keep up with politics, daydream about the possibilities of a post-colonial/anti-racist/non-violent Church, read Science Fiction as well as watch Sci-Fi shows and movies, as well as think of the possible dissertation topics he hopes to pursue in a PhD program for theological studies. Right now, Rod’s research interests can be found somewhere between historical theology and economics.

My eBay Bookstore

My Masters of Theology Thesis: Beyond Free Project.

Favorite Bible Verse: Judges 6:12

Favorite Patristic Thinker: Clement of Alexandria

My Theology of Ministry: Doing Ministry: Theology of Ministry

Philosophy of Learning/Teaching: Philosophy of Pedagogy

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Religion
& AAR Student Members

Southwest Commission on Religious Studies


National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion

Postcolonial Theology Network

Wesleyan Theological Society


Haggai and the Spirit of Faith

A Tale of Two Temples: Haggai 2

The Faith of Ezekiel. The priest-prophet

God’s Original Intent: John 1:1-18

Only God Can Judge Me?: Judgment in the Gospel of John

Our Problem with God’s Justice: John 3:12-16 and 35-36

Same Tradition, New Conversation: Galatians 1:11-16

In the end, Love: John 3:14 and 1st Corinthian 15:52-53

Book Wishlist

Here is my Amazon Wishlist just in case you would like to help me with my research efforts.

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Craig is a Pennsylvania native and grew up in a rural town about an hour south of Pittsburgh. He was raised in a Christian home and attended an American Baptist Church. In college, Craig became an agnostic until his junior year when he attended a Lutheran Church for the first time. He likes to joke that he went for the wrong reason and stayed for the right reason.

Craig has a Master of Divinity from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. After seminary, he moved to Seattle, WA where he worked as a youth director for a year and a half. After leaving the church staff, Craig has worked several jobs in corporate America. He currently has no plans on going back to work at a church.

Theologically, Craig is an Open Theist, a proponent of Just Peacemaking, amillennial, and postliberal.

Craig’s theological interests include early church history and Patristic Theology, Celtic Theology, Christian Ethics, and Cultural Theology (where faith meets pop culture).

Craig’s other interests include science fiction and fantasy (specifically Steampunk and Space Opera), comics, and gaming.

Craig’s List of Favorites
Favorite Prophet: Jonah
Favorite Church Father: Athanasius
Favorite Theologian: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Favorite Sci-Fi Series: The Expanse, Horus Heresy
Favorite Doctor: The 10th Doctor
Favorite Companions: Clara and Martha
Favorite Fantasy Series: Game of Thrones
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VII
Favorite Game: Cards Against Humanity
Favorite Sports: Football and Hockey


The Boring Stuff: Amanda became a Christian in high school, and decided to find out more about this Jesus stuff by going to Bible college and getting a B.R.E. in Pastoral Ministry and Religious Studies. Amanda has spent the last decade working in a wide variety of pastoral capacities including: interim preaching and pulpit supply, worship leading, youth ministry, administration/vision-planning, and Bible teaching. In 2010 Amanda and her family moved from the bustling metropolis of the Greater Toronto Area to five miles east of the middle-of-nowhere Saskatchewan. The move has allowed Amanda to take a break from pastoral ministry and reorient her interests in a more academic direction. Amanda is currently working on a M.A.T.S. degree in Theology at Briercrest College and Seminary with the eventual goal of getting a Th.D or Ph.D in theology.

The Unique Stuff: Amanda is a sci-fi loving, Star Trek-watching, World of Warcraft-playing, Whedon-loving, geek. She leans Marvel in her comic affiliations. Yes, she has been known to attend Star Trek conventions. No, she does not dress as a “Red Shirt” or a Klingon (or a Ferengi, or a Borg, or a…). When she’s not blogging for Political Jesus, she can be found blogging over at Cheese-Wearing Theology.

The following is stuff that Chad had on his bio page, so Amanda copied it:

Favorite Bible Verse: Ruth 3:7

Favorite Church Father: Karl Barth (okay, he’s not an original Church Father, but he has been called the Church Father of the 20th century).

Professional Affiliations: Student member of the Evangelical Theological Society

Book Wishlist: Buy me books here


Chad is optimistic.

A minister. married. Kids. Nerdy. No, really. We’re talking comic book, dungeons and dragons, pasty-white skin, loves discussing philosophy and religion, plays table-top games, sci-fi, collects actions figures, and teaches his kids that flags don’t deserve allegiance type nerd.

Favorite Bible Verse: Mark 16:7

Favorite Church Father: Irenaeus of Lyons

Professional Affiliations

If you can imagine Chad with his hands in his pockets, whistling, looking pensive, this is where that image would fit.


  1. RE: “…as well as creating a space for thinkers who wish to engage in anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-kyrarchical (sexist), and non-violent forms of religion.”

    In order to have meaningful dialogue, aren’t you going to have to allow some opposing viewpoints too? If not, all your comments will be of the ‘yes-men’ type… This seems far too Goebelian for your allegedly noble cause…a horrible mismatch in fact, but all too common.

    P.S. perhaps a quest for the identity of Nazaroo(s) would be more interesting than N.T. Wrong, who, like his opponents, is in a rather obscure area of NT studies.



    • How does “creating a space for thinkers” become having yes men?

      Everyone is welcome to comment, even in disagreement. Not everyone agrees here.

      I am very open to critique, and quite self-critical as well.

      I don’t see why you have to jump to conclusions the way you did.

      Perhaps checking the some of the comment sections in various posts would change your mind. Maybe not.

      But there is nothing wrong with making clear where I stand at least. Having 3 authors, we do not see eye to eye most of the time. We aren’t the Borg.


      BTW, I like (sarcasm) how you made your comment an adventure in self-promotion while simultaneously (and epically failing) trying to put me on the defensive as if it is a crime to have a clear statement about what this blog is about.

  2. Non-violent forms of religion? Then you’d best dwell on theology emphasizing the divine-not human actors. Find me One world religion devoid of historical-violent blunder. Human nature. Sucks our best right out of us doesn’t it?!

    Careful, human. You’re beginning to sound bigger than yourself: flawed, still, at the end of the day.


  3. How do you distinguish between pop culture and “the world” as biblically defined?

    (I’m thinking of verses like John 15:18-19 and 1 John 3:13, and also of the related but extrabiblical injunction “Be in the world but not of it.”)

    By the way, my question is not rhetorical. I’m genuinely interested in how you view this.

    • I guess I just don’t see the relationship between “the world” and “pop culture.” In culture, there are many types of culture, national culture, regional culture, pop culture (of the people). In the scripture, the greek term Cosmos, which like in John alot means the whole cosmos, humanity, creation, everything. I think of John 3:16, Jesus coming to save the whole cosmos, even those people who spend their time enjoying pop culture. World can also mean practices outside the church as well, like in James.

  4. http://books.google.com/books?id=9Iavr0e-NiYC&pg=PA337&lpg=PA337&dq=How+did+Anselm+define+divine+justice?&source=bl&ots=BPRsCsbvlA&sig=3DlOMOWKat1b5HKRTvo8R0uiZuk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=WKBsUaiTOrKv0AHT6oHYDg&ved=0CFcQ6AEwBzgK#v=onepage&q=How%20did%20Anselm%20define%20divine%20justice%3F&f=false

    Vis a Vis your question to Al Kimel concerning Anslem. I have taken the position above that the Catholic Church and also Anslem hold to a restorative perspective on the atonement not a punitive one. I and others also take the position that the Catholic Church did not adopt Anselm whole cloth any more than they did Augustine, but I am not pushing that at the moment. I have been banned from Father Kimel’s list for saying all of this too often and too brashly. Perhaps this will carry some weight since it is not offered by a dumb girl. I have sent this to Father Kimel via email but I then saw your inquiry and thought you might be interested in the text above as well.

    Mary Lanser

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