A New Translation Worse than the NLT!

The Shack Bible Project?

For those of you unfamiliar with William P Young’s The Shack, it is a novel about a man who goes through tragedy only to meet God as a black Aunt Jemima (without the pancakes though), a self-deprecating Jew, and a quiet Asian woman. No, seriously it is. While there have been plenty of posts via the Internets about the heresy of God as a woman, blah blah, blah, the most disturbing thing about the book is its representation of racial minorities as well as Young’s unwillingness to acknowledge racial blindspots throughout the book. I’ll hesitate to say more given that I am currently finishing up an article based on the research and joint presentation with a colleague of mine.

But now comes word that there is a Shack Bible paraphrase in the works. That’s right, the Bible is being re-paraphrased for fans of the Shack by someone who sees similarities between the Shack’s theology and patristic thought. Personally I do not see it. I am afraid that Young’s deity is right in line with the god of Marcionism, where YHWH’s just and righteous nature is replaced with the liberal Eurocentric god of mainline Protestantism, since laws and regulations should no longer be found in Scripture according to Saraya (the Asian lady/Holy Spirit figure).  That, and the notion that Jesus somehow refudiates the notion that he is from the Ancient Near East, dismissing his Jewishness in The Shack leads me to become more suspect of The Shack’s cultural imperialism as well as any Bible translation or work giving it an uncritical glance.

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  1. matthew sabien

    This writing absolutley reaks of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, an organisation that is blocked by the netintelligence system on the grounds of ‘Hatred’. Matt Slick, head of C.A.R.M, has repeatedly savaged ‘The Shack’ for it’s statements against the gospels. The fact that Slicks own book, ‘The Influence’, published after the shack, following a similar vien to ‘The Shack’, and selling a considerably less number of copies would have nothing to do with his vitriol.

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      What world are you living in? Have ever read this blog before? I have objections as an african american to The Shack but that is for future posts. Why dont you try engaging our post rather than go to insults without reason.

      And plus, this post was originally a joke aimed at another blogger, an inside joke, about the NLt.

      Thanks for playing.

      1. Matthew Sabien

        The world that I live in is one where the author is a friend of mine. I would ‘engage’ in this in this blog if there was anything Christian about what you were saying. ‘a bible worse than the N.L.T’? What world are you living in? You are aware that the bible has been translated 100’s of times, it already only carries the essense of what the original schrolls said. It’s peoples faith that fills in the holes and if a ‘Shack Bible Project’ can bring people back to having a faith then I think it’s great. After all, over zealous ‘Chapter and Versers’, as I call them, only end up pushing out of ‘religion’ all together.

        1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

          I live in a racist where I am black, and the white people of the world act like douche bags and continue to push stereotypes like Aunt Jemima.

          You are just as ill informed of race as your counter parts, Wllm P. Young and the guy in charge of the Shack Bible project. Just wait until my series on this racist and sexist book (The Shack) comes out. You guys are in for a treat.

          No I wasn’t aware how many times the bible was translated, or that it was translated at all. Perhaps if you read more posts than this one, you’d see I believe “translation is interpretation”, that I am black and anti-racist, consistently, and I hold no ill will towards anyone, just concepts and institutions. Your will-full ignorance is just breathtakingly hilarious.

        2. Craig


          Just because the author is a friend of yours doesn’t give you the right to come onto someone else’s blog and act the way you have. I’ve said much worse things of authors in book reviews and if the authors have a problem with it, they don’t send their friends to deal with me, they come and dialogue with me themselves.

  2. Matthew Sabien

    P.S can you stop using the image of Sheppard Book on this page, and the comment ‘I aim to mis-behave’ as your opinions do seem, more than a little, main stream, & you cauld very well be prosecuted under the trade dicriptions act. No offence! :-/

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      Dearest Matthew,

      It seems as if you have a problem with this blog project, and rather than engage in conversation, you are simply being nit picky. I am considering the real possibility of blocking you. You have missed the point of this blog all together.

      Please read the commenting policy:


      P.S., Whedonites know of this blog, if there is a problem, Whedony.com would have informed me.

  3. Matthew Sabien

    I have no problem with this blog project, but you seem to have a major bee in your bonnet about William P. Young, ‘the shack’ and the ‘shack bible project’ on the grounds of ‘racism’ (Really?). Maybe being a victim of it makes you think you’re seeing it everywhere. The Shack is a good book, the shack bible project is not a serious attempt at a ‘new bible’ and it would never be heralded as such. I do think that you have, fundamentally, mis-understood the intension behind it.

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      Nope, I have not misunderstood it at all.

      Your lack of knowledge of histories of oppression is the cause of your suffering, Matthew.

      Again, your dismissive attitude towards racial stereotypes reveals your white privilege you seem unwilling to admit.


      Your last 2 comments throwing insults my way was deleted. I am only allowing you to comment for this series on a case by case basis.


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