A New Movie About Moses from #Prometheus Director Ridley Scott

Didn’t I tell you Moses was making a comeback?: What Happened To Moses? [linked here]

“While some people will probably be disappointed to hear that Scott is trying his hand at telling a Bible story that has been adapted many times over (see: The Ten Commandments, Prince of Egypt), others may find the simple combination of religious content and Ridley Scott too enticing to care. A Moses re-telling from Scott, with the aesthetic and production values of films like Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, would certainly be a feast for the eyes (if nothing else).”

For more, see ScreenRant: Ridley Scott on Moses and Blade Runner 2.

And apparently Stephen Spielberg is gonna be there to bring back Moses first, with GODS AND KINDS.

Yeah, for Moses and the story of the Exodus returning to the public imagination! Am I right?

BTW, here’s the PROMETHEUS trailer:

2 thoughts on “A New Movie About Moses from #Prometheus Director Ridley Scott

  1. Charles

    What happened to Moses? They put him in a cape and changed “Hebrew” to “Kryptonian”. 🙂

    As much as I like a good adaptation of biblical stories, can we trust Scott’s dubious grasp of historical authenticity? For all we know, the mind that brought us Kingdom of Heaven could be planning to make Moses a Krav Maga instructor who invented calculus.


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