A Few Mild Observations about the Deficit Talks

I’ll have to admit. I tried to avoid the train-wreck that was the Casey Anthony trial, especially since I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of the media, populace, and politicians showing more enthusiasm for capital punishment than any other issue.

The one soap opera that has gotten my attention, admittedly, are the current “discussions” going on about the raising of the debt ceiling. I could get all Christianly and say, well these talks just prove how hopelessly divided we are, yada yada, and how debates centering around OUR TAX DOLLARS are moral issues.

However, it’s already been said. So, here are some random thoughts about what is going on.

1. I side with the libertarian/independents/Tea party side of this debate, when it comes to a Balanced Budget Amendment. Deficit spending means sacrificing our future on the alter of the present.

That being said:

2. I do not believe that tax cuts work. In fact, on this point, I think that the Grand Ole Party is playing class warfare against the working class. It seems to me that it would behoove the Tax Cutting Warhawks to prove that corporations and individuals not have the potential to create jobs, but in fact, we need to see evidence that THEY ARE creating jobs, like in the here and now. I have not seen any evidence that when the Bush tax cuts were extended, there were more jobs being created. What excessive tax cutters really want is a government that favors the producers of society, in opposition to the Democratic party which favors labor. From a libertarian perspective, hey, here is an idea: no one receives any favors! Sound good, huh?

I would support tax raises, if I got guarantees they would go towards reducing the deficit, balancing the budget.

3. Speaker of the House John Boehner (OH) keeps talking about entitlement reform. What this is code for is “waging war on the working poor,” plain and simple. The funny thing is that President Obama has beaten Boehner to the punch: The President’s healthcare reform means cuts to medicare, and against the best interest of our senior citizens.

4. Lastly, the scariest development out of this whole debate recently is the idea that President Obama can unilaterally raise the debt ceiling on his own through the use of the 14th Amendment. Joel apparently supports the imperial presidency. I don’t on any level. It’s time for a prime minister. I get disgusted at how much power the executive has taken for himself over the past thirty years, with no one willing to check them. That’s why we are stuck in Libya right now. And Iraq. And Afghanistan. And Pakistan.

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      1. Craig

        Not that I’m opposed to a Balanced Budge Amendment (I’m not), but it just seems to be a power play by the Republicans to make the general population think they are bringing something to the table. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of Americans don’t know how the Constitution can be amended.


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