December 7, 2012

Culture Is Costume: Penn State, Baylor, Ann Coulter & AntiMexican Racism

December 7, 2012 // 0 Comments

Ann KKKOULTER’S AMERIKKKA NEARS A TIPPING POINT The latest saga of on-campus racism by frightened whites has taken an anti-Mexican turn in addition to the hatred experienced by Asian American students. When people talk about the lack of power talking heads like Ann Coulter have, all one has to do is point to this week as a perfect case in point. I’m not going to link to Coulter’s racist filth, but claiming that Latino/as depend on government benefits more than their population is not only untrue, it’s really a racist stereotype, that people of color are inherently lazy and destined to be dependents on the goodness of whites (circular logic really, and really, isn’t all racist logic circular?). Step 1: Talking head: spreads nativism on […]