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No, I don't think my #NaNoWriMo Project Was A Failure

Last month, I intended to start a book on church history, and with National Novel Writing Month, as a Rebel (someone not doing a novel), I got to less than 1300 words, most of an introduction to an introduction to Church History of the goal for 50,000 words. While I didn’t achieve the goal (due in large part to my work schedule as well as me editting other works soon to be published, I was able to read more books on church history and identify a different approach than the liberal versus conservative culture war dichotomy.

The Cowboys Won, but the Kansas City Chiefs Should Be Commended

English: Matt Cassel, a player on the Kansas C...

English: Matt Cassel, a player on the Kansas City Chiefs American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yes, I am sooo happy the Dallas Cowboys swept the Philadelphia Eagles 38-33, but the surprise story yesterday was the Kansas City Chiefs‘ actions. While the circumstances of Jovan Belcher‘s murder/suicide remain a mystery, one thing that was clear was that his girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins.

We could say like the Slate article that since the NFL has a domestic violence problem because of so many violent men, that the Chiefs recognizing victims of domestic violence was nothing more than an empty gesture. I don’t take such a cynical view of the world. I don’t that it’s just professional American football players who have a domestic violence problem, since such a view make it an “us-versus-them” problem when in reality, it is OUR problem. The fact is that anti-domestic violence campaigns (if we exclude the Temperance movement for just a second) are relatively young from the early 1970s on. In some states, there are moves to weaken anti-domestic violence laws today, like in Kansas. I think in light of the reactionary politics going on in its neighboring state, Missouri‘s best pro football team did the right thing and is a step in the right direction.

Edit: Addition: May we remember the victims of domestic violence in spite of the monetary success, race, or prowess of the perpetrators.Please read Crunk Feminist Collective: Remember Their Names: In Memory of Kasandra, Cherica, and Others.

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Another Review of PaleoConfederate Douglas Wilson's Black And Tan

Black and Tan

Black and Tan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I reviewed Douglas Wilson’s racist propaganda months ago: My review of Black And Tan by Doug Wilson, and now there is another blogger reviewing it as well.

See: Adam Lee at BigThink.com: Southern Slavery As It Was: The Bible As Engine of Extremism.

See even outsiders can recognize racists when they read one!

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