December 1, 2012

Join Us In Reading Isaiah LXX For the New Year starting tomorrow!

December 1, 2012 // 2 Comments

I have been a fan of the Septuagint for a couple of years, and now it’s time to act on my fanboyish! Starting tomorrow, I have decided to start reading the LXX on my Kindle in Isaiah for three passages a day for the Christian year. It will help me hone my Greek skills once again as I try to sharpen myself for more Patristic theology. I would like to thank Abram K-J for his work in putting this together. I will be blogging some of my own translations/interpretations/inspirations along the way, in addition to my usual posts on church history and comic book culture! Join the Greek Isaiah In A Year group on facebook! ALSO, here is the reading Plan: Greek Isaiah in a […]