2 (kinda) New (to me) Theo-Blogs

On Twitter, Chrystal Marie Lewis introduced me to a relatively new theo-blog, The Seedbed.

Why the title, The Seedbed?

According to this post by Sarah Morice Brubaker,

Making The Seedbed into a sort of free school, which is quite appropriate given the name. (“Seedbed” is the English for “seminarium,” the word from which “seminary” — what has been traditionally a training school for clergy, but whose definition is being broadened/reimagined as we speak — derives. Of course, the fact that the blog will be a bunch of religiously-thoughtful women makes the language even more evocative, when you consider the stubborn representation of “woman” as “passive receiving-ground for the man’s word/seed” that has so afflicted much of western theology, philosophy, and myth.)

Other contributors include Priscilla the Explainer (see Acts), Cassandra of Troy, badasstheologychickwivattitude, and hadhufang according to the About Page.

The Seedbed also has a facebook page.

Secondly, this is a blog I meant to introduce a while back, so here goes.

Women In Theology is a “a blog written exclusively by women from an anti-kyriarchal Christian ecumenical theological perspective.”

In addition,

It’s important to be aware that despite our acronym (WIT for “women in theology”) we do not claim to speak for all women; we have chosen to adopt this name for our blog to maintain a connection with a group of women scholars who have served as mentors and inspirations to us and who themselves had a group called “WIT” in graduate school. . At the same time, we do not write as a unitary voice on this blog. We hope that our diverse theological perspectives and many ways of naming our commitment to the full social, political, economic, domestic, and ecclesiastical equality of women can emerge through this collaboration. Within this collaboration, some of us self-identify as feminists and others do not. Recognizing the inappropriate employment of feminism as a means of exerting control over other other women and groups, we believe it is important not to impose this term on those of us who explicitly do not self-identify in this way. Still, because the history of Christian theology is one in which women have been spoken about (by men) much more than they have been allowed to speak for themselves, we seek to add our voices to a theological conversation that remains male-dominated. Our group is currently predominately Catholic, but includes former, current, and future Protestants; on the whole, we are committed to ecumenical dialogue.

The list of authors can be found here. And they have a Facebook page as well.

Please check out these blogs, subscribe to them, and interact if you so choose.


Political Jesus has a Facebook page as well.

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  2. sarahmoricebrubaker

    Wow, I’m so honored, and I really don’t quite know how to thank you enough. We’re still havjng some hiccups as we transition from a personal what-i-had-for-lunch-today blog to something more worthy of its bandwidth, and so to know that you think it’s worth a read even now is just… well, really gratifying. And awfully gracious of you to boot. Thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to add you to my RSS feed and fan your Facebook page. 🙂

    1. Rod of Alexandria Post author

      “if you’ll excuse me I need to add you to my RSS feed and fan your Facebook page.”

      That will be thanks enough, and thank you all for putting together what looks like an exciting blog.



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